“Mend” remix Ambisonics 360 VR demo by Ten Avatars

CHROME, FIREFOX, EDGE and OPERA. Safari doesn’t pan the audio.

Also might be called Binaural, Immersive, 4D or even 8D.
But this is not just a commercial song panned left and right, which they call 8D,
this is a REAL immersive audio mix, monitored with a Head Tracker:
the result is that every instrument has a different position in space and moves independently from other sounds. (Note how the singer walks around you)
This is a 360 Virtual Reality video. You can pan around with the mouse or with a Head Tracker or VR system. Enjoy!

My artistic name is Rain Martin (the artist behind Ten Avatars),
the stereo version was an intended remix of Elsiane-“Mend”, song that I love!
The remix was not approved so I transformed it into a new song, keeping its vibe but more “Pop”:
the result was “Close to You” out in all digital platforms.

Not caring about commercial music “rules” I decided to resurrect and enhance this remix, since I love its atmosphere. It’s a synthesizer feast with a little of 80’s vibes.
Investigating about music in Dolby Atmos and Ambisonics, I turned it into an Immersive Audio mix, and this is the initial result: All sounds from the session are positioned and moved in 3D space, even though YT has some limitations and perhaps you only perceive the sounds around but not above or below.
I’m investigating further into different formats and platforms, hoping to give you better immersive experiences with my music!

This remix is a tribute to Elsiane group. All songwriter credits go to them. I don’t make any money from this video or song.

Thank you for reading, watching, and especially Listening!
Rain Martin – Ten Avatars – Made in: WEST Barcelona studio

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